Geographical Domain & Sample Output

In order to avoid jumps of ~360° in eddy tracks when the trajectory wraps around a longitude branch point that might lie in a region of interest, the longitude domain is set to 260°E-650°E. This range was selected so that the only eddy trajectories that might still be affected will be those passing through the Drake Passage. In latitude, the domain extends from 80°S-80°N.

This geographical domain is shown HERE, with the trajectories of cyclonic eddy #77322 (blue line) and anticyclonic eddy #194740 (red line) overlaid on the map. The associated text files eddy_77322.txt and eddy_194740.txt list the time series of longitude, latitude, amplitude, scale, and axial speed. This figure and the two data files can be used to test that the complete eddy data file is being read properly.

For further testing that the complete eddy data file is being read correctly, this figure shows the trajectories of all of the eddies that had lifetimes of 52 weeks or longer (blue and red lines correspond to cyclones and anticyclones, respectively). And this figure shows histograms of the eddy amplitudes, A, radius scales, Ls, and speeds, U, and the joint histogram of amplitudes and radius scales, computed from the complete eddy dataset (lifetimes of 4 weeks and longer). The blue and red lines in the histograms correspond to the distributions of cyclonic and anticyclonic eddies, respectively. The cyclonic and anticyclonic eddies are pooled together in the joint histogram.