COGOW was first released in February 2006 and was based on 5 years (August 1999 - July 2004) of QuikSCAT satellite measurements of wind speed and direction.

We are pleased to announce that we have updated COGOW to include all QuikSCAT observations through the end of the mission (mid-November, 2009). In addition, we have increased the temporal resolution of COGOW from monthly to bimonthly maps and windrose plots and we have added a pan tool, situated above the top left corner of each map, which allows a user to move maps vertically and horizontally. To better show the structure of the wind speed field we increased the dynamic range of the regional and sub-regional maps from 4-24 knots to 4-28 knots. Additionally, we changed the color palette to one that shows greater dynamic range. Lastly, to improve clarity, the wind vectors in the regional maps are now plotted with larger arrowheads on a 2x2 deg grid rather than the previous 1x1 deg grid. The vectors in the sub-regional maps remain plotted on a 0.5x0.5 deg grid. Other than the modifications described here COGOW's functionality remains unchanged.

The original version of COGOW remains available HERE.