You may use the data and plots presented here for publication and presentation purposes. We ask, however, that you acknowledge COGOW. For example, “Wind rose plots and wind speed and direction data were obtained from the Climatology of Global Ocean Winds (COGOW) website (, and were provided courtesy of Oregon State University’s Cooperative Institute for Oceanographic Satellite Studies (CIOSS) (”

In addition, please cite the following paper:
Craig M. Risien and Dudley B. Chelton, A satellite-derived climatology of global ocean winds, Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 105, Issue 3, 15 December 2006, Pages 221-236.     

The Cooperative Institute for Oceanographic Satellite Studies would also like to receive notice when these data and/or images are used. Please email a note to Craig Risien (crisien<@>, informing us of how these data and/or images were used.

The COGOW User Manual is an abbreviated version of the following MS thesis:
Risien, C.M., 2006. A Satellite-Derived Climatology of Global Ocean Winds. M.S. Thesis, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University.