VIIRS SST and Ocean and Color Cal/Val Team
First Annual Review

Integrated Program Office
Silver Spring, MD

March 23 - 25, 2010

Final Agenda

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Meeting Summary

3/23/10 Tuesday

8:00 Introduction Arnone
8:15 Restructuring NPOESS Godin, Kilcoyne, St. Germaine
9:00 Navy NPOESS/VIIRS SST Validation May
9:30 Developing the Operational Cal/Val components for VIIRS SST retrievals Evans, Minnett
10:20 Break  
10:30 Developing the Operational Cal/Val components for NPOESS SST at NESDIS Ignatov
11:15 SST Algorithm Noise Sensitivity Emery, Baldwin
11:45 Lunch  
12:30 Identifying the in situ data stream for NPOESS Ocean EDRs Fargion
13:00 Time series cal/val for Open Ocean and Coastal Ocean Color EDRs Davis, Letelier
14:05 Developing the Operational Cal/Val components for NPOESS Ocean EDRs Arnone, Scardino
14:35 Developing Proxy VIIRS Ocean Color remote-sensing reflectance from MODIS  Lee, Vaughan
14:55 GRAVITE Update Zajic
15:25 Break  
15:35 Assuring Ocean Color Product Consistency of NPOESS products Stumpf, Wynne
16:10 VIIRS Ocean Color Algorithm Evaluations and Data Processing and Analyses Wang
16:55 Estimating Satellite Product Uncertainty using in situ data Trees, Alvarez
17:20 VIIRS In situ data for Vicarious Calibration and Validation Ondrusek
17:45 Wrap up  

3/24/10 Wednesday

8:00 Schedule for the day Arnone, Fargion
8:30 Developing the AERONET-SeaPRISM data product for NPOESS Cal/Val and generation of Ocean EDRs Ahmed, Gilerson
9:00 Establishing a SeaPRISM site on the West Coast of the United States Davis, Jones
9:30 SeaPRISM site in the Gulf of Mexico Arnone, Weidemann, Gibson
10:00 AERONET OC Cal/Val Johnson
10:20 Break  
10:30 NGAS Cal/Val Plans
AMS Poster
Jackson, Pratt
11:00 Lunch  
12:30 Quarterly Report January 2010 Kilcoyne, Arnone
13:00 Teams Meeting  
13:00 Proxy Team (All) Arnone
14:00 SST Team May
14:00 AERONET/SeaPRISM Team Davis, Fargion
14:00 Vicarious Calibraion Team Wang
15:00 Insitu protocols and match-up Team Fargion
15:30 Inter-satellite Team Stumpf
16:00 Team reports / plans Team Leads

3/25/10 Thursday

8:00 1498 updates Arnone, Godin, Kilcoyne
8:30 Data flow issues of NPP data stream Zajic, Arnone
9:00 NPP restructuring St. Germaine
10:00 Break  
10:10 SDR overview - issues Gunther, Deluca
10:55 Wrap up - issues Arnone
11:00 Adjourn