5th Annual CoRP Science Symposium

Gilfillan Auditorium, Oregon State University
August 12-13, 2008 Corvallis, OR

Final Agenda

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

9:00 Welcome, Logistics, Agenda Ted Strub, CIOSS
Amy Vandehey, CIOSS
9:10 Annual CoRP Summary Chris Brown, NOAA/STAR
9:30 Data and Models: The Ocean Perspective Ted Strub, CIOSS
9:50 NWS Operational Marine and Ocean Forecasting Ming Ji, NOAA/NCEP
10:10 Break  
10:30 Operational Ocean and Climate Modeling at NCEP Ming Ji, NOAA/NCEP
11:00 Coupled Climate Models in NOAA Robert Hallberg, NOAA/GFDL
11:30 Development and Evolution of Operational Forecast Systems for the Coastal and Estuarine Environment in NOAA's National Ocean Service Rich Patchen, NOAA/NOS
12:00 Lunch  
1:15 Coastal Ocean Modeling at CIOSS Alexander Kurapov, CIOSS
1:45 Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Modeling of the California Current System in Collaboration with UCLA and NRL Dudley Chelton, CIOSS
2:15 Regional Earth System Model for Chesapeake Bay Prediction Raghu Murtugudde, CICS
2:45 Break  
3:00 Combining Model and Satellite Information in Tropical Cyclone Forecast Products Mark DeMaria/
Andrea Schumacher, CIRA
3:30 Precipitation Models as a Guide to Satellite Retrievals Brian Vant-Hull, CREST
4:00 Fusing Satellite and In Situ Data with Model Output Steve Ackerman, CIMSS
4:30 EXTRA: Challenges and Opportunities of Remote Sensing in
Caribbean Coastal Waters
Fernando Gilbes, CREST

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

9:00 Poster Overviews (1-slide per poster)  
10:15 Formal Poster Viewing Session  
12:00 Lunch  
1:00 In-Situ Data and Modeling for Advanced Retrieval Algorithms of Satellite Data for Coastal Water Jing Zhou, CREST
1:20 Development of Empirical Habitat Models for Nowcasting and Forecasting Pseudo-nitzschia Blooms Clarissa Anderson, CICS
1:40 Optical Classification of Red Tide Organism K. brevis in the Coastal Waters of the Gulf of Mexico Ruhul Amin, CREST
2:00 Combining Satellite and Model Information for Snowfall Retrieval Yoo-Jeong Noh, CIRA
2:20 Merging Satellite Observations and Reanalysis to Make a New Global Analysis of Precipitation Mathew Sapiano, CICS
2:40 Break  
3:00 Comparison of Surface Wind-SST Interactions Using Satellite Observations and Numerical Simulations Larry O'Neill, NRL/CIOSS


Observations and Modeling of SST Influence on Surface Winds and the Troposphere Qingtao Song, CIOSS
3:40 Surface Flux and Cloud Observations in the Southeast Tropical Pacific Simon de Szoeke, NOAA/ESRL
4:00 Utilization of Forecast Models in High Temporal GOES Sounding Retrievals Zhenglong Li, CIMSS
4:20 Extending CloudSat Observations to Regional Domains via Type-Dependent Statistics Steve Miller, CIRA
4:40 Improved MODIS Aerosol Retrieval using Modified VIS/MIR Surface Albedo Ratio Over Urban Scenes Min Min Oo, CREST