Coastal Ocean Applications and Science Team (COAST) Meeting #4

Laguna Grande D Ballroom
Embassy Suites Hotel
Monterey, CA

June 28-29, 2006

Final Agenda

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Wednesday, June 28

8:00 Welcome, Agenda Curt Davis, Raphe Kudela  

Review of HES Status and CW Requirements
NOAA Satellite Update

Curt Davis,
John Pereira

Risk Reduction Funding and Algorithm Plans

Curt Davis  

Experiment Plan to Collect Simulated HES-CW Data

Excel Spreadsheet for Plan

Curt Davis  
10:00 Coffee Break   

Description of SAMSON and Airborne Collection Plan

Paul Bissett

Description of Monterey Bay Experiment Site

Raphe Kudela
12:00 Lunch  

Measurement of Optical Properties (Arnone)

Measurement of Optical Properties (Reynolds)

Bob Arnone, Heidi Sosik,

Ken Voss, Rick Reynolds
2:00 Chlorophyll, Fluorescence and Productivity Sam Laney

Benthic Productivity

Heidi Dierssen  
2:40 GOES-R Risk Reduction and NOAA Fisheries Cara Wilson  
3:00 Afternoon Break    
3:20 Depart to View Facilities and Ships Raphe Kudela  


Thursday, June 29

8:00 Gliders Oscar Schofield  
8:30 Coastal Carbon Fluxes Pete Strutton  
9:00 Harmful Algal Blooms  Raphe Kudela  
9:30 Demonstration Data System and Data for Models Paul Bissett  
10:00 Coffee Break  
10:30 Atmonspheric Correction Menghua Wang  
11:00 Calibration and the Status of MOBY Ken Voss  
11:30 Description of NY/Mid Atlantic Bight Experiment Site Oscar Schofield  
12:00 Lunch  
1:00 Review of Experiment Plans and Next Steps Curt Davis  
2:00 Discussion and Plans for Next Meeting Curt Davis  


  Meeting Summary Curt Davis