Agenda for the CIOSS Site Visit

Burt 193
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

May 13-14, 2003

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Tuesday, May 13

8:00 Welcome to COAS, Intro of Participants, Agenda Mark Abbott

NESDIS Overview

Marie Colton

NOAA/NESDIS Cooperative Institutes

Fran Holt

NESDIS/ORA/ORAD and CIOSS: Partnerships and Objectives

Eric Bayler
8:50 CIOSS Science and Outreach Overview. The COAS Approach Ted Strub
  COAS Science Presentations  

Scatterometer Capabilities and Applications

Mike Freilich/
Dudley Chelton

Atmosphere and Ocean modeling/data assimilation

Roger Samelson/
Gary Egbert/
Andrew Bennett
10:00 BREAK  
10:30 Mesoscale altimeter SSH, SST and radar velocity fields,
capabilities, now and future
Ted Strub/Mike Kosro
10:55 Phytoplankton distributions, physiology, and color sensors Ricardo Letelier/
Mark Abbott
11:20 In situ data for validation. Physics and biology. Jack Barth/
Ricardo Letelier/
Mike Kosro
11:45 Outreach - Educational Programs (NAMSS, SMILE, others) Mike Freilich/
Doug Caldwell/
Melissa Feldberg
12:10 Discussion  
12:30 Lunch  

NESDIS/ORAD Science Presentations


Operational Oceanography (CoastWatch/OceanWatch; Geospatial Data Science Team)

Kent Hughes
1:50 Data Assimilation; Sea-Surface Height (SSH) Science Team Bob Cheney


Al Strong
2:20 Ocean Surface Winds Science Team Paul Chang
2:35 Sea-Surface Roughness Science Team (SAR) Bill Pichel
2:50 BREAK  
3:15 Sea-Surface Temperature Science Team Nick Nalli
3:30 Ocean Color Science Team Chris Kinkade
3:45 Sea Ice Science Team Pablo Clemente-Colon

Working Groups on Future Opportunities for Collaborations in the 3-10 Year Time-Frame

  • Air-Sea Interaction: Surface Winds, SST, Atmospheric Models
  • Ocean Dynamics: SSH, Ocean Models, Data Assimilation
  • Ecosystem Dynamics: Surface Color, Bio-optics, Phytoplankton Dynamics
  • Small-Scale and Mesoscale Circulation Features: Jets, Fronts, Eddies, Operational Products
  • Climate Variability and Change: Physical Environment and Ecosystem
  • Outreach: K-12; University; Public
5:30-7:00 RECEPTION and posters in the Foyer. COAS and NESDIS posters.  


Wednesday, May 14


Introductory Talks: Future Roles for Cooperative Institutes

At NOAA/NESDIS: ORA Director - Marie Colton
At COAS: COAS Dean - Mark Abbott
At OSU: OSU President - Tim White
9:00 Working Group Presentations and Plenary Discussion of Future Collaborations  
11:00 Break and COAS Tour  
12:00 Lunch (box)  
1:00 Drive to Newport  

HMSC Auditorium - Tentative List of Presentations

  • Research Partnerships at the HMSC - George Boehlert
  • The Cooperative Institute for Marine Resources Studies - Claire Reimers
  • Remote Sensing and whale tracking - Barb Lagerquist
  • HMSC's Visitor Center: Outreach to the Public - Jon Luke
  • Scientist and Fishermen Exchange (SAFE); cooperation with the fishing fleet - Ginny Goblirsch
  • Remote Sensing in Columbia River Plume studies - Ric Brodeur
  • EPA's Remote sensing of Pacific Northwest Estuarine Habitats - Walt Nelson
5:30 Reception/Dinner at HMSC  

Drive to PDX or Corvallis hotels