August 2009, Teacher Resources Booklet

1) Climate Conundrums: ENSO 2) Water We Have Here? Local Watersheds 3) Wetland Investigations: Hydrology 4) Aquatic Invaders: Invasive Species 5) Estuaries: Life on the Interface
January 2009, Teacher Resources Booklet

1) WhaleWorks: Investigating Whale Adaptions 2) Satellite Pursuit: Tracking Marine Mammals 3) Whale Watcher: Gray Whale Migration 4) Ocean Color: True or False Images? 5) Fishy Tales: Growth Change in Scales
August 2008, Teacher Resources Booklet

1) Pick Your Plankton: Sampling Planktonic Activity 2) The Life Aquatic: Aquatic Food Webs 3) A Whale of a Scale: Determining the Size of Megafauna 4) Dissolving Issues: Ocean Acidification 5) Project Brine Shrimp: Exploring Biological Effects of Environmental Change February 2008, Teacher Resouces Booklet

1) Under Pressure: Subduction Zones 2) Blatant Displacement: Modeling a Tsunami 3) Pop Goes the Wave: Tsunami Inundation Modeling 4) Tsunami Shake 'n Quake: Evidence for Past Tsunamis in Oregon 5) Faster Than a Speeding Tsunami: Warning Systems 6) Talking Risk: Communicating Science to the Public
August 2007

1) Plate Tectonics 2) Sea Floor Spreading 3) Sediments 4) SOund Fixing And Ranging (SOFAR) 5) Waves
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