CIOSS/NOAA Coastal Altimeter Workshop
February 5 - 7, 2008
Silver Spring, MD

A workshop on the use of altimetric sea surface height and surface current data in coastal regions (within 50-100 km of the coast) was held in Silver Spring, Maryland during February 5 - 7, 2008.

Our goal was to bring together a relatively small group of research scientists who are actively working on:

1) Methods of retrieving altimeter data (primarily alongtrack) in coastal regions where the data are presently flagged as unusable for a number of reasons. Issues include advanced editing of 10Hz and 20Hz data, the wet tropospheric correction, tides (external and internal) and other high-frequency signals, and all of the other “correction” terms. We would like to end up with a revised error budget for coastal uses of altimetry.

2) High resolution coastal/regional atmospheric or oceanographic models that may provide some of the “substitute corrections” needed in the coastal ocean (integrated atmospheric water vapor, atmospheric pressure, ocean barotropic tides, coastal trapped waves and other high frequency signals, etc) or that are intended to assimilate the alongtrack altimeter data and provide fields for other applications.

3) Applications that would use the coastal altimeter data (SSH and surface currents, winds, waves) or fields from models that assimilate the altimeter data. The meeting did not focus on applications, but there was some discussion of applications to make us aware of the space and time scales that we need to resolve in the coastal ocean.

The workshop consisted of overview presentations and discussions concerning both methods of retrieving the alongtrack data (SSH and corrections) and applications that are using or will use the data. We know that data-assimilating models will be essential to provide the space and time scales needed in the coastal ocean. To avoid a series of “AGU-like” presentations, we asked groups of participants to work together prior to the workshop to put together overviews of the topics discussed.

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