5th Annual CoRP Science Symposium
August 12 - 13, 2008
Corvallis, OR

This summer CIOSS will host the annual NESDIS Cooperative Institute CoRP Science Symposium for 2008. The theme for the Symposium is “Data-Model Fusion – Use of Satellite Data with in situ Data and Models,” covering everything from simple data-model comparisons to complex data assimilation. This is an opportunity for the NESDIS CIs and Center to share their activities in the theme area, and in particular to showcase student, post-doc work. According to the CoRP website,CoRP's branches, Institutes and its Center work together on remote sensing of the environment in these focus areas:

The Symposium will be held August 12-13, with an estimate of about 60 people attending from the various visiting CIs and local CIOSS participants. On the first day, NOAA representatives will open the meeting, followed by individual talks from CI attendees, and ending with a reception in the oceanography building. Day two will start with a poster session in the morning, followed by more oral presentations in the afternoon.

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